All of our monthly financials are found here for public viewing at any time, with the most current being listed first. You will need the free Adobe Reader in order to view the monthly financials. If you wish to see financials from prior years, please submit an open records request.


August 2018 Financials

July 2018 Financials

June 2018 Financials

May 2018 Financials

April 2018 Financials

March 2018 Financials

February 2018 Financials

January 2018 Financials


December 2017 Financials

November 2017 Financials

October 2017 Financials

September 2017 Financials

August 2017 Financials

July 2017 Financials

June 2017 Financials

May 2017 Financials



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